Participate in an environment where parents can share ideas and experiences
Childbirth education classes are to assist first time or repeat parents to become confident in their knowledge of childbirth, Our goal is to have classes so that other parents can share their thoughts and fears about having a safe and happy experience giving birth to their infants. At every class we show birthing videos, distribute hand-outs and free birthing information CD's, and have question and answer time. These classes are available on Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm and Saturday morning 10am-12pm. Due to my other duties being the midwife's assistant, please call an hour in advance to confirm class. The cost of each 4 class series of childbirth education is $40.00 dollars for a couple, additional 10.00 for Baby Care Basic class which instructs parents in preparing and caring for baby.

We are also very proud to be offering a Red Cross certified CPR class for infant/child/adult caregivers. These classes are important to everyone to know in case of an emergency. Also you should take an additional class for first aid. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Call us for more info.

What you will experience:

  1. Couples can share their thoughts and fears about having a safe and happy experience giving birth to their infants.
  2. You'll gain the benefit of knowing that you have choices
  3. Learn about out of hospital births
  4. Get the latest information about VBAC's (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  5. CPR classes: For Adults/Child/Infant, First Aid and A.E.D classes. Grandparents are welcome.
  • Class 1
    (18-23 weeks pregnant)
    • • Exercise/Pelvic Floor
    • • Kegels-Pelvic Tilt (standing, hands & knees)
    • • Sex in Pregnancy
    • • Nutrition
    • • Video “Eating the Right Way for Pregnancy”
    • Class 2
      (24-29 weeks pregnant)
    • • Review class 1
    • • Signs of labor
    • • Labor support (Doula)
    • • Relaxation techniques
    • • Video “Comfort Measures”
  • Class 3
    (30-35 weeks pregnant)
  • • Review class 2
  • • Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby
  • • Circumcision
  • • Cord blood collection
  • • How to find a Pediatrician
  • • Immunizations
  • • Video “ 3 Stages of Labor
  • Class 4
    (36-40 weeks pregnant)
  • • Breastfeeding
  • • Complications in labor
  • • Birth control
  • • Video “Breastfeeding”
  • Class 5
  • • Baby care basic
  • • Preparing for a new baby
  • • For the fathers
  • • Crying concerns in infancy
  • • Infant sleep problems
  • • Making love again

CPR classes
Min. of 4 or more participants
• These classes are offered at a low cost of $80.00 for a couple, $60.00 for single.
• Babysitters Trainer Program for the cost of $40.00 per person


Call or email to register for classes today! (954) 410-4485

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