NaeemahMy name is Naeemah Jones, CCCE, CD(Dona), LC, HBLC
I have experience for over 30 years. At the beginning of my career, I was a birth coach for family and friends. I enjoyed it so much; it made me go back to school at my ripe young age of forty something. I hail from Boston, Mass. Where I went to the community school for nursing to receive an associated degree. After a year of nursing studies I had to leave nursing due to lack of money. My husband and I were also putting our daughter through college at the same time. I was blessed that I had a plan B. I realized that I loved helping parents bring their special addition into this world, so I became a certified childbirth educator. After becoming an educator I learnt that I enjoyed teaching. I feel like God bless me with the gift to teach. Then I had the opportunity to become certified as a doula with the Miami Dade Doula Program. I became very fond of pregnant women and infants, so my life is dedicated to them.  Pregnant moms and newborn care is my most interesting aspect of my rewarding career.

I also work at a birthing center as a midwife assistant. I am blessed and enjoy sharing my blessings with our clients. I work with a great healthcare team, which consists of an OB/GYN, doctor and three License Midwifes. Our healthcare team work together to ensure that the parents-to-be is given the most respectable and confidingly care. These are words of wisdom that bring comfort to moms in labor. Natural childbirth is not for everyone but for the moms who seek it, it would be my pleasure to assist them in achieving their goal to having a safe and peaceful birth experience.

I am certified in the following areas:

  1. Certified Cappa Childbirth Educator
  2. Certified Dona Doula
  3. Certified Lactate Counselor
  4. Certified Hypnobirthing Labor Coach
  5. Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
  6. Certified Basic Family Planning Counselor

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