NaeemahOur Mission

To educate and introduce our clients to a natural holistic way of giving birth; To ensure them that this can be achieved in a safe environment of their choice either in the hospital, birth center or in the privacy of their own home. If by any chance that their natural birth vision can not be what they want and that it is medically necessary that a cesarean must be performed, we will support that decision and help both parents understand the change of plans and assist with their getting the medical attention that they need.

We will be honored to attend the birth of your baby and be part of your support team for the birth and postpartum care, or for as long as you may need of our assistance.

What type of women hire a Doula

  1. Married parents that are aware that they are not familiar with childbirth and can use a guide to see them through it.
  2. Single mom with or without family support
  3. Mother of other children that want to have her baby in the hospital with little or no medical intervention.
  4. Mothers that wish to have a VBAC
  5. Mothers that decided to have an out of hospital birth (birth center or homebirth)
  6. Dads that can use support to help mom when they think they cannot do it alone.
  7. Mothers that need additional support for their partners/support person
  8. Mothers who wish to be assisted in having their birth vision come to life
  9. Mothers who need emotional support and to help reduce fear and tension
  10. Mothers that wish to enhance their satisfaction with their birth experience
  11. Mothers looking for homeopathic methods
  12. Mothers who desire personal attention


Naeemah Jones, a native of Boston, Mass., has worked in the medical field for over twenty years. She now resides in South Florida as a Cappa Certified Childbirth Educator and Dona Certified Doula. more . . .